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Take the Trolley to Scary-etta

October 2008


Halloween’s coming, so how’s this for a memorable family outing: The Scary-etta Tour. What’s that? Take a short walk from the Marietta Square, along Church Street, to the Historic Marietta Trolley Co. depot. Wait ‘til the sun goes down. Then climb on board the trolley and sit back to enjoy 90 minutes of ghastly entertainment.


On my family’s trip, our guide, Joni, told stories about ghosts “living” around the Square and farther afield with plenty of high spirits and humor. We disembarked twice in the course of the tour: once in front of the Kennesaw House and later at the Marietta Cemetery.


Standing outside the Kennesaw House, which currently is home to the Marietta History Museum, we learned about the building’s service as a Civil War hospital and morgue. We were told that as many as 700 ghosts my haunt this location, and we heard stories of reported encounters there. In fact, Joni produced several surveillance photos that do seem to have captured images of something or someone not quite human waiting in the museum’s reception area.


Download a pdf of the article in West Cobb Magazine (WC).



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